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Awareness is the key to any good self defense program. Part of the training we provide at JC Taekwondo, teaches students to learn to avoid potentially threatening situations altogether. Often, this is merely a matter of crossing to the other side of the street and avoiding dimly lit areas or choosing a route where there are more people. Using your eyes and ears to detect and avoid threatening situations is the foundation of any good self defense system. Our self defense system was created under the guidance of Mr. Alvin Babcock, and implemented by our trained instructors.

As much as we prefer not to admit it, the fact is that we live in a dangerous world, so it’s important for everyone to learn some basic self defense techniques. Another important aspect of our self defense instruction, is to avoid thinking or acting like a victim. Walking with a purpose is one simple thing you can do to minimize the possibility of a street attack. Most criminals target easy prey. Holding your head up high and carrying yourself in a bold manner is a basic self defense strategy that may cause potential assailants to think twice.

At JC ATA Taekwondo located in Junction City, we teach our students to be conscience of the fact that their own bodies are bristling with potential weapons. Our self defense students are encouraged to use knees, elbows, and even teeth as defense mechanisms. A stiletto heel, once removed, can be wielded as a dangerous weapon for striking the face, neck or groin. Knees can be brought up to strike a groin and elbows can be jabbed into the face or neck.

These are all techniques that can be used to save your life in potentially harmful situations. The best self defense technique is to avoid potentially dangerous situations altogether. But if you are cornered by an assailant, you need to strike quickly with devastating force and then get away quickly. Come visit us at JC ATA Taekwondo and pick up a few self defense techniques that could one day save your life!